A Guide For Guests Looking To Attend A Ukraine Marriage

Ukraine is often referred to as a big European country because its population constitutes almost half of the European Union. It is a former Soviet state and one of the leading countries in Eastern Europe. The centrally planned economy of Ukraine has generated robust growth. A lot of factors contribute to the country’s economy such as its vast agricultural produce and heavy reliance on exports. The main industry of Ukraine is gas and oil, which account for about half of its total GDP.

Ukraine Marriage

The procedure for getting married in Ukraine is almost the same as that of any European country. The bride needs to get permission from the concerned authority or state councilor. The most common procedure followed is arranged marriage in which the parents of both the bride and the groom decide on the date and place of the wedding. In some cases a marriage is organized with the help of a legal representative of the bride’s family. The wedding is organized by the best man and the parents of the groom.

Once the marriage contract has been finalized, it is time for the guests to arrive at the venue. This takes place either in the town hall or a large house rented by the family of the bride and groom. During this event, the wedding photographer takes pictures of the bride and groom. There are many other people who are involved in the entire wedding ceremony.

When the couple gets down to business, they visit the priest who performs the ceremony. This is followed by a banquet where the meat is distributed to the guests. The first dance is performed by both the bride and groom. Next is the performance of a Ukrainian national dance called “paniy” by the band members of both the families. The performance is followed by performances by several specialists who perform traditional dances of the country.

After the banquet, the wedding guests are asked to open gifts. At this time a toast is spoken by the bride thanking her groom for his happiness. The wedding cake is then presented to the guests as well. It is then time for the newlyweds to make their way to the bed where they exchange wedding rings. This is an important ceremony that will be remembered by all of those present.

Another ceremony is made during which the bride gives birth to a kitten and named it after her groom. This is done in a special room where the parents of the bride and groom are present along with the grandparents of both families. The naming ceremony is meant to honor both the families for bringing up the child into the world.

A toast is then given to the newlyweds. In this occasion, the bride raises her hand and asks that the best man to stand up and give a toast to the groom. The groom then gives his speech, in which he thanks the guests and bride for their participation in his wedding. After the speeches, the bride and groom take their rings from their parents and they are handed to the new parents. The family of the groom then presents the rings to the couple and they become husband and wife. The marriage is considered to be complete when the bride gives birth to a child.

A marriage in Ukraine takes a lot of effort and organization. This is because the process is considered to be sacred. Although there are no laws that regulate marriages in Ukraine, but many people follow traditional traditions and values. There is a great importance of family in a culture and the marriage between two families in Ukraine is considered sacred. After the wedding, the bridal party attends a party where songs are sung and the new bride feeds the guests.