Best 3 Russian marriage apps and how to find a wife there

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Where to find Russian brides online?

No. 3 app. Elena’s Models

No. 2 app. AnastasiaDate

No. 1 app. Brilic

Are Russian girls available abroad too?

How to date girls from Moscow?

What mistakes to avoid while dating in Russia?



Where to find Russian brides online?

Let’s be clear, not all applications are created for serious relationships, and not all Russian girls are interested in marriage. So it’s better to focus only on specialized apps.

Women in Russia who want to get married and relocate, always check for other people’s reviews and date online on the platforms that have proven their effectiveness.

No. 3 app. Elena’s Models

Yes, this classical dating giant is still there, and the app works as good as the desktop version. It contains thousands of Moscow girls profiles and hundreds of profiles of Russian ladies in USA.

As usual, the girls are stunningly attractive. Since the site is, in general, reliable and trustworthy, you can use their services without any fear or doubt. It really works!

No. 2 app. AnastasiaDate

Of course, how without it? It provides westerners with Russian brides for decades, although it is sometimes criticized. Girls in Russia trust this platform a lot, and use it regularly.

Surprisingly, it has a section where you can find only Russian hotties living in America. It will surprise you but the site is totally free. The database of former-USSR girls is huge.

Moreover, you can even chat or video chat with them. Many women are online at any time of the day. The photos look casual and authentic enough and the profiles are verified.

No. 1 app. Brilic

Brilic app is both for hookups and for serious relationships. But judging from all success stories and reports from users, it is often used exactly for finding a future spouse.

There are many favourable conditions that help that process. First of all, Brilic offers a very detailed and informative dating blog in Russian, that teaches women how to find a husband.

It explains how to gather necessary documents, how to behave in marriage, how to cement the relationship and be a good lover, a good mother, all of the mentioned. So girls really like it.

Brilic works by principles of VIP dating app, since it’s rather costly for men and reflects their level of success. It’s a kind of guarantee for women who aren’t quick in trusting to anyone.

VIP dating app

Are Russian girls available abroad too?

Most often, Russian girls go to USA for studying. This fact brings a bunch of advantages at once! It means they speak good English; they are intelligent; they have a legal basis to stay in USA.

Their families are wealthy enough to send them here so you won’t be the only sponsor constantly “saving” a poor Russian girl from smth; finally, they already adapted to a new environment.

Such women aren’t new to American society so a big part of your work is done. And if they work in USA, they assimilated even better. You don’t have to cover all their needs, at least.

If a girl isn’t a student but Au Pair she may need your help to stay in USA for good but at least she has her pocket money and some useful acquaintances, moreover, she is emotionally mature.

It’s relieving to know a young woman is already responsible enough to do this job. Perfect for her future motherhood, if that is in your plans! But in any case, it’s rather an advantage.

If a Russian girl is in USA with her parents or at least one relative, she won’t get homesick and won’t need to fly back to Russia too frequently. So if that is the case, appreciate that girl.

It’s your “kingdom”, you know everything here and you are full of ideas where to take her and which places to show to her. You wouldn’t be that flexible in Russia or other post-Soviet countries.

Russian ladies in USA normally have friends, they aren’t totally dependable on you and your free time. They won’t be completely bored when their American boyfriend is at work.

Ok, there are also some cases when Russian women remained in the USA after their previous divorce with American. But this situation has good sides too. You will learn about the real reasons.

Then you will know who have been guilty in that divorce and probably about the complications of her character “from the first hands”: from her friends or neighbours.

She will not be able to hide things from you like some girls located in Russia do. Clearly, there are more pros than cons so you can really enjoy Russian dating in USA without extra complications.

Russian Marriage Apps

How to date girls from Moscow?

Women from Russian cities are in general modest and down-to-earth, they are easily surprised, easily pleased, and want to change their life to the better by moving abroad.

But girls in Moscow are somewhat different, and it’s an art to date them. It demands extra skills such as ability to impress, ability to describe big plans nicely, healthy ambitions, and insistence.

Big cosmopolitan cities have always been challenging. So there’s no surprise some women are a bit spoilt by big salaries and super fancy shopping, while others are suspicious.

The more educated a girl is, the more possibilities she has even in her own city and the more she knows about dangers of the world. So one should be really convincing to make her relax and trust.

It also helps to watch your physical shape, style of clothes, and manners. Russian women can fall in love with simple people too, but this way you will make a difference from their local guys.

Do not exhaust yourself with the old-fashioned courtship though. One long red rose is enough, you can add a bottle of good champagne to it. Bingo! Your courtship is done.

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What mistakes to avoid while dating in Russia?

Never ever criticize a girl’s parent or kid, even if she complains a lot and criticizes them. Listen in silence, give some advice on how to harmonize it, or give her relaxing massage.

Certainly, do not punish a child even if he did something very serious. It’s not your job. Even if you are practically married with his mother already, watch out twice or it will lead to breakup.

Be wise with the gifts. If you present too much, it will look like you are buying her, plus you will feel really devastated later. But if you never present anything, it will make her wonder.

Russian women perceive baby-birth control differently than western girls. They aren’t really welcoming the pills knowing about their multiple side effects, and rely on condoms.

If they already have a kid, or they are over 35 and don’t want to risk a late pregnancy, they often chose to wear the IUD spiral. In any case, clear this up in advance so there are no bad surprises.

Russian women are very loving, and it’s normal for them to exchange sweet text messages during a day, or cook something nice for each other. Do not ignore this inner need of theirs.

It’s better for you if you tell them about friendly relationships with your parents, grown children, ex-wives, and so on. If you are hostile and hateful, she will be afraid to become an object of hate.

Do your best to love pets. It’s less typical for western countries to keep a pet or two than for Russia where everyone owns dogs or cats. Try to not look annoyed because of that.

Finally, satisfy your Russian woman in a way she likes it, and she will do the same for you. These girls are very passionate and modern in intimate issues, so we should catch an opportunity.

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