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Is it safe to hookup in Russia?

Tips to find hookup girls in Russia

Are Russian girls open-minded in sex?

Top pickup strategies and seducing tips

Is it safe to hookup in Russia?

Russia is considered enigmatic country, but it’s just a stereotype. Nothing is too mysterious about it, and beautiful Slavic women can be conquered easily if to know their mentality.

The same concerns avoiding scammers or non-genuine girls. Following one’s intuition, and applying special knowledge about Russian ladies helps to have comfortable casual affairs.

Despite the risk of talking to the wrong person online, one isn’t facing any danger on dating apps. Just don’t send the money to strangers, don’t share your personal data, and all will be fine.

But it’s very different when one travels to Moscow in real. One of the most expensive cities in the world, it isn’t perfectly crimeless and can surely contain some traps for an amateur tourist.

That’s why it’s really safer to hookup in Russia after previous acquaintance on the app. This way, one already knows one or several persons in advance so they can guide him and take care of him.

So hookups abroad, in less developed countries differ from one-night-stands in a western country, in regard of a man’s attitude. He basically cannot cut the communication instantly.

It makes more sense to have a friend with benefits who would literally navigate you in between dangers and financial abysses. But how to find such a useful friend?

safer to hookup in Russia

Tips to find hookup girls in Russia

Although some men, basing on their own or other people’s experience, complain about greedy sharks in Eastern Europe, there are plenty of extremely simple and down-to-earth girls.

The provincial type of girls, with reduced ambitious and plain thinking, almost always guarantees pleasant time together in a physical meaning, without any fears at all.

The secret is that a provincial girl should be really young and naive, and not from a completely poor family. Then she will easily fall in love with a man, not with his money.

They surely want to get the little something, but it’s usually a hot sandwich, cheap alcohol, maybe a T-shirt or a purse. It is an art, finding a Russian girl who would be mentally close to a Filipina.

That’s why it’s important to categorize women in Russia from the beginning. There is a marriage material, educated and refined ladies yet with great family values, and business-women.

These last ones are meant for cougar dating and can provide any young handsome man if he agrees to play a second role. Only certain girls are a hookup material that is also financially safe.

When you talk online, pay your attention to such little details as her hand shape, ear shape, her smile during the video chat. All that should be a bit primitive, to make sure it’s easy to seduce her.

A girl should not expose her financial troubles to a man. A future bride can do that if the relationship is trusting enough, but not the hookup girl we are going to meet shortly.

So the formula of success can be the following: someone with simple thinking, simple features, has means at least for a basic survival, and is emotional enough to be attracted to us.

Hook up Russian bride

Are Russian girls open-minded in sex?

The logical question is, is the game worthy of all efforts spent? Are Russian women that good in a bed so a man can be fully satisfied during his long-prepared trip to Moscow?

The answer is, yes, modern Russian women are very open-minded in sex comparing to the post-Soviet times. Westernization of this part of the world is happening thanks to TV channels and Internet.

It becomes typical for single women in Moscow to take part in various work-shops and master-classes dedicated to tantra yoga, multi-orgasmic practices, sex-shop assortment, etc.

Many of them report they enjoyed the new knowledge and hope to apply it with their future partner. Don’t you want to experiment together with them, and please each other in all ways?

Men who used to be sex-tourists in Russia, report there is always a possibility to hookup with a nice woman. Not only thanks to numerous nightclubs, but also thanks to casual sex apps.

It goes without saying that girls in clubs are already in a proper condition for seducing them. Girls on the streets, in the stores and in other day game places are somewhat harder to get.

Men who register on marital dating sites, should understand the quality of the girls and their psychological readiness to get intimate differ from these parameters of girls on hookup apps.

In other words, it’s better and more efficient to sign up to specialized platforms where casual sex is among possible options. Also make sure a girl has chosen exactly this option and not another.

find hookup girls in Russia

Top pickup strategies and seducing tips

Russian women are the most traditionalistic thinking among all other Eastern European girls simply because they aren’t a part of Europe. Their patriarchal society affects them a lot.

So there are almost no chances to seduce a Russian woman in terms of equality. No, she expects a very male behaviour from you, even macho behaviour, then she is ready to go further.

Some western men have evolved so much that it feels ridiculous to them already to present a rose, open a door for a woman, carry her heavy bag, but that is exactly what can make her happy.

At least, if we talk about Moscow. Paying the bill is also vital there since simple women often keep their money for food and medications for dependent family members. It’s just a reality.

So for someone who wants to keep his trip as low-budget as possible, it is advised to search for a woman on hookup apps, both in advance and while already in Moscow.

Many of the applications have the geo-location feature and give a possibility to find someone instantly, literally within a few square meters. It works perfectly in big popular nightclubs.

Just do not forget that being a macho doesn’t mean being rude, they have enough of that in their own environment. A combination of gallant attitude and self-confidence is what you need.

Beautiful Russian women are great listeners when they are sober, and great story tellers when they are not. Have some patience to listen to them, and you’ll get intimate soon after.

It has been known since a long time that a Russian character consists of emotions and sentiments. The best way to attract a girl’s attention is to really touch her by some nice action.

The old as the world trick is to start telling her how much you love kids and dream about one. But that’s too cynical and it’s completely enough to ask her about her parents’ well-being.

Feeding a street dog is also a perfect trick, as more as many men sincerely love pets. For a not-so-sober woman it’s completely enough to call you the kindest person on this planet.

Hooking up in Russia is definitely an adventure, and men usually enjoy it a lot. Just make your first move, and enjoy this exciting game with the most fruitful outcome.

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