How to make your marriage with a Russian woman last for a lifetime

Beautiful Russian girls are legendary. The number of success stories about foreign men who married Russian beauties is enormous. This statistics grows with every decade, every year despite such unhealthy tendencies as online scam and fraud. There is a real boom of Russian dating sites over the Internet and all of them want as much profit as possible. It’s not easy nowadays to meet Russian women who are honest and marriage-minded, not because there is a lack of them, but because the most prosperous dating agencies build a commercial wall between the hearts.
Many words are said about the ways to avoid the extra expenses or detect the most genuine Russian girl, but none research goes further. It’s like with a fairy tale: no one knows how exactly the main characters lived after the wedding. Some marriages don’t last long. Men complain that their Russian mail order wives quickly found someone richer or just saw the new opportunities in another country and left. It doesn’t sound like Russian girls are the “victims” in a strange environment with unknown laws and limiting customs, like the Russian media claims trying to keep the runaways home and improve the local demography. The reality is opposite: foreign men are the victims! So it’s not very important anymore how to save your money while getting acquainted with a Russian beauty online. The question is: how to save your nerves and reputation from the upcoming divorce?
There are very essential tips on how to be insightful and avoid the catastrophe in your private life:
1. Learn about her background. Then visit her family when you are in her city. Analyze well. For example: if her mother is divorced several times and always has a new lover, a daughter may adsorb this kind of behaviour. If they are very poor and in a desperate need of money, they may use you as a source of finances. If they aren’t poor, but very spoiled, skin-deep, and materialistic, the danger is similar. If her father is abusive, she may have a psychological trauma from the beginning and it’s an extra responsibility for you to live with a very fragile person. Her former men could be abusive as well since Russians are famous for their alcohol addiction and aggressiveness. Think twice whether you can take a risk, no matter how beautiful and sexy she is.
2. Learn about her sentiments. Did you know that the world “sentiments” has a negative meaning in English but a very positive meaning in Russian? That’s a source of potential problems. If her bookshelf is full of Dostoyevsky and Turgenev books, she is from a very intelligent family and/or her inner world is extremely profound, she is an artist or a poet who tends to be nostalgic and patriotic in some way, you’re going to lose. One day after the honeymoon or in a middle of it, she is going to get homesick and cry until you send her back to Russia. Think twice whether you can handle all that drama.
3. Learn about her romantic past. Some beautiful Russian girls deny their feelings towards their ex-husband or boyfriend, just because they are too proud or too offended at the moment to confess. Try to get more facts and analyze in depth. Her ex may still have a great influence on her child, her parents, or common friends, he may even have an access to her email address or her home! In this case, you cannot be sure she won’t leave you for him one day. Their connection remains too strong. Think twice again.
4. Finally, learn about her best friends. There are Russian and Mexican proverbs that have a similar meaning: “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”. A famous coach and psychologist Dan Pena says, “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you your future”. All those sayings are correct! If her best friends are lazy money-wasters, immature and irresponsible egoists who use other people, or cruel career-makers, you may become a victim in no time. Think twice whether you are ready to pay such a price for getting a young gorgeous bride.
As you can see, Russian mail order brides aren’t just manna from heaven. There are much more nuances in their mentality and in dating them than in Asian girls’ mentality. Of course, our world becomes more and more united and generalized, the girls of all ethnicities watch the same Hollywood movies, listen to the same hits on a radio, and develop the same likes and values, but Russian beauties keep on standing out. They can be quite unexpected, unpredictable, unexplained, and even double-faced. If you consider all these nuances and take preventive measures in advance before you meet Russian women in real and get engaged, you can master your own future and literally construct your own happiness. After all, they are worthy of your efforts and care but what you don’t need in your life is someone’s psychological mess so just follow our recommendations and your new relationship will be solid like a rock.

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