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The comparison of OneAmour to other popular sites

What do users say about OneAmour?

So how to communicate with Russian girls on OneAmour?



The comparison of OneAmour to other popular sites

OneAmour is a Russian dating site that gave a new hope to many Eastern European singles as well as western singles. But why is it better than its famous competitors in the market?

At the first glance, it seems to be for Russians only just like Mamba or LovePlanet, but it’s not so. All of these sites are successfully used for international dating as well.

Many Russian girls are completely ready for meeting a foreigner as their potential partner. Others can be focused on local dating but then pleasantly surprised by the westerner’s attention.


Now, is it free to use? We all know that Mamba is free, and LovePlanet can be used for free with limited features. OneAmour is closer to the last one in this regard.

Although it doesn’t have a free trial period, it offers three first days of usage for a symbolical price. After, the full-fledged messaging is possible only with a Premium subscription.

It isn’t expensive even for badly provided Russian women, moreover, if a man has Premium or buys VIP status, a woman can chat with him even without paying extra. That is gallant.Russian girls on OneAmour

Many dating apps have an option of signing in via Facebook or Google, but OneAmour also offers signing in via Mail.Ru, the most popular mailing service in Russia.

It may seem to be just a little detail but in fact, Russian female users appreciate this possibility a lot. Many of them use exactly Mail.Ru for emails yet find this option safe enough.

Finally, the database and sincerity of the users. The database is really big on OneAmour although not as huge as on Mamba, or not as thoroughly checked as on Brilic.

Fraudulent profiles do happen, but it’s easy to detect them by too glamorous photos that look like severely edited or stolen, and by the money requests soon after the acquaintance.

The same principles are fair for all other dating sites, not depending on the country. Otherwise, one is completely safe while corresponding on OneAmour.

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What do users say about OneAmour?

The critics connected with this site, mostly refer to the automatic charging from users’ bank cards. Yes, but the same takes place on many other dating sites, one just has to watch out:

  • Always read what is written in payment terms, even in small letters. Sometimes it is said there payments aren’t refundable, or that charging will happen automatically.
  • Before your 3-day trial period is over, make sure to cancel your subscription manually or by contacting the technical support. It should be done much in advance.
  • If you missed the moment and the system already charges you, at least enjoy the new benefits you got access too, and keep on contacting the support team for helping you.
  • In the worst case, when nothing else works, simply block your current card and reissue it in your bank. Sometimes it takes minutes but saves you from extra spending.

This scheme can help with many other dating sites too. Using common sense and being attentive never hurt! However, the majority of reviews on OneAmour are positive.

“This site has changed my views on Eastern European girls. When you communicate with them directly, with no agencies or intermediaries involved, it appears they speak very good English.Russian female

Some girls were surprised to hear from me but all of them were ready to meet, at least in theory. Two of them were hospitable enough to invite me to stay in their own flats.

I think OneAmour is a great dating site with many possibilities, if to use them wisely and stay away from any suspicious stuff. I am going to travel and meet those genuine girls”, – Pieter, NY City.

“I honestly loved being on OneAmour, one needs to get used to its interface and ways of finding new people but after the first week, it’s ok. I have met my Elena like that.

A good thing is that girls on this site do not have enormous expectations, very often, they do not even have a previous experience with a foreigner. It is pleasant to be first, with sincere ladies!

In any case, I am dating only Elena now since I liked her the most. I visited her in Moscow twice and she visited me four times, so I am happy”, – Michael, Chicago.


So how to communicate with Russian girls on OneAmour?

Since some girls register on this site with the aim of meeting a local single, they are prepared only to a traditionalistic mentality. Do not shock them with things, and they’ll be yours.

For sure, it doesn’t mean that all Russian men are well-behaved dudes who read Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy novels all night long in order to grow more polite and impress the girls.

But at least do not propose wild sex without taboos on the first date, do not send naked pictures, do not ignore the fact she has a child or a sick parent. Try to be gallant.Many Russian girls

There is a golden middle between rudeness and naivety, for sure. But western men who manage to find this golden middle and follow it, usually succeed a lot in Russian dating.

One more little hint, do not send photos of your amazing cars. This way, you will only attract shallow models and/or fraudsters. Send nice photos with a natural smile, from your garden or the seashore.

Do not ask her immediately when and where you will meet, to not scare her away, but bring this question after a few days of communication. It’s only normal and it will flatter your Russian girl.


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